Sant Joan de Labritja

Cave of Can Marçà


Port de Sant Miguel
07815  Sant Joan de Labritja, Ibiza  (Balearic Islands)
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Halfway between reality and fiction on a magical island

Throughout its history, the island of Ibiza has been a land of mystery, shrouded in legend. The cave of Can Marçà is an old refuge for pirates, buccaneers and smugglers.

From the entrance to the cave there is a magnificent view over the bay of Port San Miguel. The cave is extremely interesting from a geological standpoint. It has an area of 8,500 m² and features numerous different cave formations: stalactites, stalagmites, columns and helictites, as well as chambers known by names such as the Entrance, the Temple, the Buddha room and the Waterfall hall. A tour of the interior of the cave lasts about 35 minutes and covers a distance of approximately 350 metres. It is suitable for all kinds of visitors.

  • 建造物: Caves and tourist mines



  • 開始日 11/01 終了日 04/30
  • ‐ 11:00 から 17:30
  • 開始日 05/01 終了日 10/31
  • ‐ 10:30 から 20:00


  • 一般: 10,50€
  • 小人: 6,50€


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