Xinzo de Limia

Xinzo de Limia Carnival



  • カテゴリー: Festivity of National Tourist Interest


Carnival of Xinzo de Limia (Ourense)

The great parade in on Carnival Tuesday.

It is the longest carnival celebrated in Spain. The fiestas begin three Sundays before the actual carnival on 'Fareleiro' Sunday, a comic battle in which the entire townspeople get covered in flour. This is followed by 'Oleiro' Sunday, a tradition which involves throwing water into the air from earthenware pots onto people gathered below, until someone falls to the ground and is consequently soaked. Next 'Corredoiro' Sunday, a popular festivity in which the 'comparsas' begin to invade the streets of the town, which marks the threshold of O Entroido.

Of interest are the 'pantallas', characters armed with 'vejigas' and wearing curious masks.


  • 日付 : 開催日は確定していません 2016
  • 場所: Xinzo de Limia (Ourense. Galicia)



  • 開催日は確定していません 2016



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