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  • Two days in Santander.

    Travel ideas

    … Santander. Cantabria. Santander is without a doubt one of the most elegant and beautiful cities on the northern coast of Spain, and the ideal place for a short break. Both the sea and the mountains are continually present in this city, which captivates visitors with its aristocratic atmosphere, its …

  • Two days in Bilbao.

    Travel ideas

    … Bilbao. Vizcaya - Bizkaia. (Basque Country) If you want to spend two days getting to know one of the most avant-garde cities in Europe, then Bilbao in northern Spain is the ideal destination. You will find incredible buildings designed by architects from all over the world, including, for example, t…

  • Two days in Valencia.

    Travel ideas

    … Valencia. Valencia is a Mediterranean city by the sea which combines the tradition of its historic quarter with the innovation of the ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences. That’s two reasons for spending a couple of days in the city, but there are more: its culinary delights, pedestrian streets, g…

  • A weekend in the White Villages of Cadiz.

    Travel ideas

    … Cadiz. (Andalusia) If you have a couple of days, Cadiz offers a great way to enjoy nature and explore its extraordinarily beautiful rural landscapes: the white villages set within its mountain areas. There are a total of 19 charming villages with small white houses located in the area around the Gra…

  • A themed weekend in Zaragoza.

    Travel ideas

    … Zaragoza. (Aragon) Visit the city of Zaragoza, in Aragon, for a weekend, and enjoy different themed activities and interesting discounts on services. A series of packages have been prepared so you can discover a different aspect of the city every month. The idea is simple: to enable tourists to disc…