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The first Book Village in Spain





If you love literature and you are planning on coming to Spain, then you are in luck. In the medieval town of Urueña, in Valladolid, you will find the first "Villa del Libro" (Book Village) in Spain.

Following the tradition of several European countries like Belgium, France or Holland, Spain has created its own Book Village in a charming environment: when you get to Urueña you will be surrounded by a wall, a castle and beautiful churches like La Asunción and La Anunciada.

A trip to the past that also takes you through the history of culture. You might be wondering, what exactly is this Book Village?

In the streets of this town you will find 12 bookshops selling old or out of print books, or where interesting activities take place: El Rincón Escrito, Alejandría Bookshop, "Wine Museum" Cellar Bookshop (specialising in science and fiction literature about wine), Alcuino Caligrafía (organises courses on calligraphy of other cultures, for all levels), El 7 Bookshop (specialising in the world of bullfighting), Samuel Bookshop, Alvacal, Boutique del Cuento, Almadí Bookshop, La Punta del Iceberg, Alcaraván Bookshop and the Artisan Book Binding Workshop of Urueña.

Another interesting place to visit is its original e-LEA Centre (a space for reading, writing and their applications). A 1,200 square-metre space with a specialised library, workshops, a garden, an exhibition hall, an assembly room… And you cannot miss the permanent exhibition "Between the lines. A history of books".

On many occasions, this special village presents books, holds public readings, and organises calligraphy, illustration and book binding courses. And on special dates such as the World Book Day (23 April) or on the village's anniversary in March, this place becomes a real celebration with conferences, round tables, storytelling, origami workshops, extraordinary concerts, dinners... It is a fun way to enjoy reading, a great opportunity to find a copy of that book you have always looked for, or for having a good day out.

For more information on the latest features and programmes that this Book Village organises, visit its official website.

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