Tällä verkkosivustolla käytetään evästeitä sivuston käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi. Jos jatkat sivuston selaamista, hyväksyt samalla evästeiden käytön. Saat lisätietoja tai ohjeita asetusten muuttamiseen evästekäytännöstämme

Sleeping among sharks, a thrilling night for the kids

What is it that kids love doing most when they're on holiday? Laughing, having fun… and going on adventures! And what could be more adventurous than sleeping among sharks, piranhas, crocodiles…? This exciting experience can be enjoyed at many of the zoos, aquariums and nature parks here in Spain. Your children can spend a night surrounded by a series of fascinating animals (accompanied by other children or with their own family), while they learn and have fun at the same time.

If this sounds like a great idea, here are a few examples of the aquariums and zoos in Spain which offer this option, so you'll know exactly where to go:

City of Arts and Sciences. Valencia
The Oceanogràfic (the largest aquarium in Europe) in this great city of culture provides the chance to spend a night with your family, including dinner (it has an underwater restaurant), and then sleep surrounded by a range of curious species such as bull sharks, grey sharks, sawfish and moon fish. All of them live in the enormous aquarium with completely glassed-in corridors known as the Torre Océanos. And the next morning you can have breakfast, visit the Science Museum and enjoy an IMAX film in the Hemisfèric cinema.


Madrid Zoo Aquarium
A team of instructors will teach your children curiosities about the anatomy, behaviour and reproductive habits of sharks while they sleep surrounded by these animals… They'll be able to have dinner there, play, tell stories… Entertainment is guaranteed.


Faunia. Madrid
This themed nature park offers original night-time camps for children between 6 and 13 years old. One of the options is the chance to sleep with penguins and discover the secrets of the Antarctic thanks to the more than 100 specimens of these animals who live in the park. Another idea is to sleep with ocelots, one of the most beautiful felines in the Amazon jungle. And finally, what about the idea of spending the night surrounded by Nile crocodiles…? You have nothing to fear!


Zaragoza aquarium
If you encourage your children to spend a night in the largest river aquarium in Europe, you'll be guaranteeing them an unforgettable experience. While they have their dinner, they'll be able to watch otters and crocodiles eating. They'll play activity games and sleep surrounded by fish alongside a central aquarium. Sweet dreams!

http://www.acuariodezaragoza.com/actividades.html L'Aquarium. Barcelona
Children between 8 and 12 can discover what sharks' senses are like at night, and how sharks wake up. They'll be accompanied by their explorer's logbook, hear stories about sharks… and have the time of their lives!


Gijón Aquarium
This aquarium in Asturias also features multiple activities for the younger members of the household. These include, depending on the dates, the chance to accompany your children while they sleep with sharks, and spend the night surrounded by these fascinating animals.


Almuñécar aquarium
Located on the coast of Granada, this aquarium offers children between 8 and 12 the chance to sleep surrounded by sharks and to take part in a workshop where they can handle the teeth and jaws of their favourite fish.


Palma Aquarium
The aquarium on this island of Majorca also organises an activity called Canguro Tiburón, in which children can spend the night overlooking the Big Blue, and be awarded a diploma to prove it.


These are just a few of the examples of the nocturnal activities for families that you'll find in various centres all around Spain. We recommend that you check the official website for each venue in order to find out more about reservations, prices and opening times. Remember that most of these places require children to take their own sleeping bag, pyjamas, slippers, a torch and a toothbrush.

You can rest assured that this is a totally original way of making your children's dreams come true, and guaranteeing that they'll remember these holidays forever.