Plaza Expo, 5
50.018  Zaragoza  (Aragon)
Puh.:+34 976 076 606



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This is the largest river aquarium in Europe, and its 3,400 square metres are home to freshwater species from all over the world.

The river aquarium is located in what was originally the venue for the Zaragoza 2008 International Exhibition. In its facilities you'll find aquatic animals from the five most important rivers on the planet: the Nile, the Mekong, the Amazon, the Darling Murray and the Ebro. The aim of the aquarium is to educate, investigate and disseminate by taking a journey through the natural aquatic wonders of the planet. It offers multiple educational activities particularly designed for younger children, such as dramatised visits, educational workshops, routes for schoolchildren, and the chance to spend a night or celebrate your birthday surrounded by fish. Some of the species children will learn about on their visit include sturgeons, anacondas, piranhas, otters, crocodiles and even mammals who live outside the water such as titi monkeys.

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  • Mistä: 01 heinä mihin: 30 syys
  • Mistä Maanantai mihin: Sunnuntai Mistä 10:00 mihin: 20:00
  • Mistä: 01 loka mihin: 30 kesä
  • Mistä Maanantai mihin: Torstai Mistä 11:00 mihin: 19:00
  • Juhlapyhät ja Viikonloppu Mistä 10:00 mihin: 20:00


  • Yleinen: 14€
  • Eläkeläiset: 10€
  • Lapset: 7€


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