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Reus is not only a major trade centre and one of the towns with most cultural activity in Catalonia, it is also a crossroads where travellers must stop and take a quiet tour of its historic quarter. Visitors can begin the tour in Plaza de Prim, home of the beautiful Fortuny theatre, and take Calle de Monterols until coming to Plaza del Mercadal, where they can see Casa Navàs, a modernist gem designed by Doménech i Montaner, which still contains all its period furniture, coffered ceilings and lamps. From Mercadal, following Carrer Major, you come to the Reading Centre, a popular cultural association with a valuable library and interesting works of art. Prominent in Plaza de Sant Pere are the Gothic church, from the 16th century, and the octagonal belltower from where you can see the whole of the Costa Dorada. Outstanding among the museums of Reus are the Salvador Vilaseca Archaeology Museum and the Regional History Museum, with paintings and drawings by Marià Fortuny and sculptures by Joan Rebull.