Pedrafita do Cebreiro

Cebreiro Ethnographic Reserve


O Cebreiro
Pedrafita Do Cebreiro, Pedrafita do Cebreiro, Lugo  (Galicia)
Puh.:+34 982367053



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    Santiago de Compostelan pyhiinvaellusreitti on johtava eurooppalainen kulttuurireitti ja maailmanperintökohde. Näytä lisää


The Park is in a small village, on the first stage of the Galician section of the Way of Saint James pilgrimage route as you approach on the traditional itinerary from France. For centuries this village, which is home to a 9th-century pre-Romanesque shrine, has seen numerous pilgrims come and go. The museum is located within a palloza, the typical dwellings of the Os Ancares region. These are houses built of slate or granite, usually with a conical, thatched roof. These pallozas are an example of how the village has managed to conserve its traditions over the centuries, and has learnr to adapt to the high-mountain environment of Lugo province. Inside you can see the simple furniture and household utensils typical of the rural way of life.

Municipal museum


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