The Seo, or Cathedral of San Salvador


Plaza de la Seo 2
50001  Zaragoza  (Aragon)
Puh.:+34 976291231



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A cultural melting pot.

The monument has undergone a series of transformations in a wide variety of architectural styles.

A temple was set on this site as far back as the first century BC, known during the Visigoth period as the church of San Vicente. It was also the site of a mosque. It was in the 12th century, however, when the first Christian church was built here. It was built to face north instead of east, as was the tradition of the time, so as not to coincide with the direction of Muslim prayers towards Mecca. Changes were made subsequently. The Cathedral also contains elements of Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque styles. The Main Door is representative of the last of these, and dates from the 18th century. The cathedral treasures, including its famous tapestries, are on view to visitors inside.

  • Rakennus: Cathedral
  • Tyylisuunta: Gothic
  • Aikakausi: 12th century

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