19119  Zorita de los Canes, Guadalajara  (Castile-La Mancha)
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Labyrinth of walls

It is structured as a complicated system of walls, gates, large towers and windows, mixed over the centuries.

The plan is elongated, from north to south, and is surrounded by a wall. Access to this castle was, and still is, by two routes, entering through two gates. The first path was protected by a powerful barbican. It passed the 'albarrana' tower, a separate tower connected to the wall by an arch and one of the best preserved and most attractive parts of this building - and entered the castle's central courtyard. From here the fortress was entered over a wooden drawbridge, which no longer exists. The other way in had a zigzag shape. It was narrow and overlooked by walls and large towers. Once at the main gate, you find two arches superimposed - the first a pointed, Gothic-type one and the inner arch - the older one - in the shape of a horseshoe. Its Romanesque church with a single nave in rectangular plan without a transept is worth a mention.

  • Rakennus: Castle
  • Tyylisuunta: Romanesque
  • Aikakausi: 13th century, 12th century

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