Monastery of Santa María


San Fiz de Monfero, s/n
15619  Parroquia de San Fiz de Monfero, Monfero, A Coruña  (Galicia)
Puh.:+34 981793885



A Coruña

Coruña, A


This old mediaeval monastery of Monfero was magnificently renovated between the 16th and 18th centuries and transformed into a treasure of the Galician rural Baroque style.

It was one of the most prosperous monasteries in the whole of Galicia. Founded in the high mediaeval age, it underwent a preliminary reconstruction in the 12th century, although practically nothing has survived from the Romanesque church of the time.
It was practically rebuilt in the 17th century. In has a single nave with a coffered vault and a dome in the transept supported on eight pilasters. Its most surprising feature is its magnificent Baroque façade, with four colossal columns with a quartz and slate chequerboard decoration between them.
Highlights of the interior include the decoration of the chapel of the Virgin of La Cela, and several 15th-century tombs. Of particular interest among the cloisters in the monastic site (16th-18th centuries) is the one designed by Juan de Herrera.

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