Villa de Mazo

Corpus Christi in Villa de Mazo

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Palma, La
  • Luokitus: Festivity of National Tourist Interest
  • Teema: Religious


Villa de Mazo, on the Canary Island of La Palma, fills with colour and the scent of flowers for the spring feast of Corpus Christi.

This fiesta has a full programme of celebrations, with sporting competitions, exhibitions, contests, theatre, children’s games, music, concerts… Nevertheless, the most outstanding elements are the carpets made out of petals, and the arches decorated with flowers, plants and seeds. The day before Corpus Christi, the local people set up these triumphal arches, walkways and flower tapestries in the village streets. Later, the Santísimo Sacramento procession passes over these works of art that adorn the different neighbourhoods of Villa de Mazo.

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  • Päivämäärä: 26.5.2016
  • Paikka: Villa de Mazo (La Palma. Canary Islands)

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  • 26.5.2016

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