Iberflora. International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Technology and Gardening

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The International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Technology and Gardening, Iberflora, once again comes to the Valencia exhibition centre.

This is an event for professionals in the horticultural sector. The Iberflora show has three parallel exhibitions: one dedicated to plants and flowers, one to gardens, and one to technology. We should mention that the show is held jointly with Eurobrico, the Professional DIY Show. The two fairs come together on account of the common elements to be found in gardening and DIY. They are held simultaneously to add synergy to the two events, reflecting a market that is expanding rapidly.

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  • Paikka: Avenida de las Ferias s/n
    46035. Valencia

Puh. +34 963861313
Puh. +34 963861100
Faksi +34 963644064
Faksi +34 963636111

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  • Vahvistetaan myöhemmin 2016

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