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  • The land of , the typical wine of the Basque country.

    Travel ideas

    …(Basque Country) Txacoli is the Basque country's best-known wine. This light, fruity white wine is slightly sparkling and has a tart, refreshing edge. We suggest enjoying it in the setting where the grapes used to make i…

  • A route through Spain's medieval towns and cities.

    Travel ideas

    …Here we suggest a route in Spain which is original and unconventional, but very interesting and attractive: it runs through our medieval towns and villages. The itinerary covers close to 1,500 kilometres across Spain fro…

  • Spanish museums with a new feel.

    Travel ideas

    …Deluxe extensions to show some of the world's finest collections of paintings. Restored historic buildings, now home to contemporary art. Avant-garde centres whose exterior is as attractive as what lies within. Museums i…

  • Galicia's sightseeing trains: nature every stop of the way.

    Travel ideas

    …Everybody knows that travelling by train has a special charm all its own. And if your journey takes you through Galicia in northwest Spain, there's a special treat awaiting you. We suggest planning your next getaway in o…

  • Vitoria, from one pintxo to the next.

    Travel ideas

    …Vitoria. Álava - Araba. (Basque Country) Vitoria is one of the best cities for experiencing the custom of “going out for pintxos” (going from bar to bar sampling tasty morsels made with typical local products or with new…

  • Vitoria: a leisurely way to explore the city.

    Travel ideas

    …Vitoria. Álava - Araba. (Basque Country) Imagine the thrill of walking along scaffolding 16 metres above the ground and looking inside a Gothic cathedral. If that experience appeals to you, you can try it in Vitoria. Tha…

  • Santa María Cathedral, inspiration for a novel.

    Travel ideas

    …Vitoria. Álava - Araba. (Basque Country) There are places in the world full of magic that are capable of inspiring famous bestsellers. Would you like to know one? Don't miss Santa María Cathedral, the great symbol of Vit…