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  • Basque Country cuisine from inside.

    Travel ideas

    …(Basque Country) We invite you to come and discover the Basque Country's gastronomy, one of the most prestigious in the world. You'll be able to taste the famous pintxos, attend workshops with renowned chefs, prepare typ…

  • The charm of the fishing villages.

    Travel ideas

    …Summer has a special flavour in the north of Spain. These are the ideal months to explore the fishing villages of Green Spain: Cudillero, Llanes and Ribadesella in Asturias; Laredo, Santoña and San Vicente de la Barquera…

  • Haute cuisine in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Cuisine as an artistic creation to delight the senses –this is the way gastronomy is seen in Spain. A range of five-star culinary attractions offering a world of tastes, presentation, aroma, textures, colour... Dishes by…

  • A route through Spain's medieval towns and cities.

    Travel ideas

    …Here we suggest a route in Spain which is original and unconventional, but very interesting and attractive: it runs through our medieval towns and villages. The itinerary covers close to 1,500 kilometres across Spain fro…

  • San Sebastián, a holiday in style.

    Travel ideas

    …San Sebastián. Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa. (Basque Country) Donostia-San Sebastián is an elegant, exquisite city to be enjoyed with all five senses. When it’s time to eat, you will discover that the international prestige of i…

  • Spain, a big-screen destination.

    Travel ideas

    …James Bond, Indiana Jones, Anakin Skywalker, Lawrence of Arabia, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly… All these characters have come to Spain to shoot their adventures. And they're not alone. Spain's cities and landscapes are…

  • First-rate surfing in northern Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Mythical, world-class waves, for unforgettable days of surfing. This is the north of Spain, a surfers' paradise, stage for some of the most important competitions on the international circuit. With varied coastline and p…

  • Film festivals in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Famous actors, glamour and, above all, great films. Every year there are a range of international film festivals held in Spain where you can enjoy the best new films before they go on general release. Some, like the San …