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  • Spain: Europe’s nature sanctuary.

    Travel ideas

    … The Picos de Europa, the Valle de Laciana, Monfragüe, Muniellos and the Leza, Jubera, Cidacos and Alhama river valleys are just a few of the places in Spain which have been declared Biosphere Reserves by the UNESCO. A visit to discover these five natural treasures –unique in Europe– is highly recomm…

  • Museum Paradors: accommodation with a fascinating past.

    Travel ideas

    … If, on your trip to Spain, you wish to stay in a special place that is full of charm, we suggest the Parador hotels: unique accommodations (many are old castles, palaces and monasteries) located in natural and historical places of great beauty. If you like the idea of discovering for yourself the le…

  • Ourense, the spa city.

    Travel ideas

    … Orense. Ourense. (Galicia) Imagine taking a dip in a large open-air thermal bath, by day or night, any time of year, in water with a temperature of over 40 degrees centigrade, and right beside the Miño river. All this can be experienced in Ourense, a city with a hidden underground ocean with five sp…

  • Ribeira Sacra, land of monasteries.

    Travel ideas

    … (Galicia) Welcome to the Ribeira Sacra, an area in inland Galicia which is home to spectacular natural features such as the canyon of the Sil river –the mark of identity of the region– and a valuable artistic heritage. Here you'll find a dozen medieval monasteries to remind you of this region's impo…

  • Ourense, land of spas.

    Travel ideas

    … Ourense. (Galicia) We invite you to take pleasure in plunging into miraculous waters that rise in a unique place: Ourense. This Galician land is famous for its spas. There are many spas scattered throughout this province, offering rest in extraordinary environments. The perfect place to spend unforg…

  • Celtic culture at the castros of Galicia and Asturias.

    Travel ideas

    … Travel back in time and discover what prehistory's first "cities" were like. They are the Celtic "castros" (fortified Iron Age settlements) of northwestern Spain, which gave rise to a culture with its own distinctive traits. Sites in Galicia and Asturias will let you discover the artistic and archae…

  • Sierra de O Courel Mountains, nature and medieval villages.

    Travel ideas

    … (Galicia) One of the most appealing features in Green Spain is the rural environment. On this occasion, we suggest a route through the interior of Galicia in northern Spain, where the Sierra de O Courel Mountains are located. Many paths cross these mountains, where nature reigns supreme. There are a…

  • Leave your stress behind at the spa centres in Spain's Parador Hotels.

    Travel ideas

    … You can enjoy an unforgettable experience for the senses at Spain's unique Parador Hotels which can be found throughout Spain. Some of them include modern spa centres to meet the needs of the 21st-century traveller. Massages with chocolate, hydrothermal circuits and beauty treatments are just some o…

  • Galicia: golfing holidays in the heart of the countryside.

    Travel ideas

    … (Galicia) Do you like playing golf in your free time? If we suggest a privileged location for your hobby then you are sure to want to play even more. We are talking about Galicia, northeastern Spain. A Region with courses set in pine forests, at pleasant spa resorts or with views of the coast. Admir…