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  • Malaga Cathedral. Málaga.

    Art | Monuments

    … Calle Molina Lario, 9. 29015. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Tel.: +34 952220345 | +34 952228491 | One of the best Andalusian Renaissance temples. The Catholic Monarchs ordered the construction of the building. It is popularly known as La Manquita. The cathedral of the Encarnació…

  • Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga. Málaga.

    Art | Museums

    … Plaza Carmen Thyssen. 29008. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) E-mail: The collection includes the main genres in 19th century Spanish painting, paying special attention to Andalusian artists. There are more than 200 works on display at the…

  • Picasso Museum in Malaga. Málaga.

    Art | Museums

    … Calle San Agustín 8. 29015. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 952604570 | E-mail: Picasso in his homeland. This museum answers to a wish of Pablo Picasso himself: that his work be represented in the city of his birth. The Picasso Museum in…

  • Malaga Museum. Málaga.

    Art | Museums

    … Palacio de la Aduana. Plaza de la Aduana, 1. 26015. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Palacio Episcopal - Sala de Exposiciones. Fax.: +34 952218382 | E-mail: Sorolla, Salas, Picasso and more. Malaga Museum has sectio…

  • Alcazaba fortress in Malaga. Málaga.

    Art | Monuments

    … Calle Alcazabilla, 2. 29012. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 952227230 | E-mail: This Arab palace-fortress was built in the 11th century by King Badis of Granada. It is perfectly adapted to the contour…

  • Málaga Roman Theatre. Málaga.

    Art | Monuments

    … Calle Alcazabilla, 8. 29012. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Resurrected from underground. Malaga's Roman theatre remained hidden underground for many centuries. Malaga's Roman theatre lies at the foot of the Alcazaba fortres…

  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso House-Museum. Málaga.

    Art | Museums

    … Plaza de la Merced, 15. 29012. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 951926660 | E-mail: The creativity of Picasso. Set in the house where Pablo Picasso was born, it has a permanent collection with original pieces by the artist. The museum is…

  • Parque de Málaga park. Málaga.

    Art | Historic gardens

    … Delimitado por la Avenida Cervantes, el Paseo Príncipe de España, la Plaza de la Marina y la Plaza General Torrijos. s/n. 29016. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: 34 952255889 | E-mail: This park is designed as a landscape, with curved lines t…

  • Pompidou Centre Malaga. Málaga.

    Art | Museums

    … Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n. Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) E-mail: Pompidou Centre Malaga. The city of Picasso's birth now plays host to the first branch of the Parisian institution outside France. It…