Spain Invites You to Sample the Flavors of Its Capital and Beyond

February 9, 2012. An undisputed cosmopolitan hot spot, Madrid is often referred to as the gastronomic capital of the world. Home to some of the world’s renowned restaurants and chefs, the city is a rare culinary gem that combines variety and quality of local produce and ingredients, with long history of culinary talent and innovation. Home to the important Gastrofestival, Madrid offers a variety of experiences and gastronomic routes guaranteed to appeal to any visitor – from gourmet buffs in search of new tastes and techniques, to cultural foodies anxious to learn the traditions of Spain’s renowned culinary tradition. The Gastrofestival, Madrid’s glamorous ode to modern and traditional cuisine from Spain, only underscores the city’s succulent restaurant scene. Madrid invites you to indulge in dishes prepared by award-winning chefs at Michelin-rated restaurants – available all-year-round – and partake in one of the gastronomic routes through the city.

Madrid's restaurants awarded with Michelin Stars and their Chefs: DiverXo David Muñoz, a former professional football player, can be found in the kitchen of his two-Michelin starred DiverXo almost every night. His restaurant’s name reflects his approach to cuisine, as Muñoz reinterprets culinary techniques and flavors from around the world from a Madrid point of view, which has given rise to the term fusión cañí (gypsy fusion). La Terraza del Casino Paco Roncero’s innovative techniques have earned his restaurant, La Terraza del Casino, two Michelin stars since its opening. Roncero offers an amazing number of finger foods in the form of appetizers and snacks, and showcases futuristic cooking techniques with liquid nitrogen cocktails, freeze-dried entrees, and spherifications (a molecular gastronomic technique that transforms liquids into raviolis and caviar). El Club Allard Awarded his first Michelin star in 2007, Chef Diego Guerrero is famous for combining flavors and textures to perfection in simple, yet original recipes. His signature cod and pil-pil sauce with garlic bread churros earned him the First Prize for the best cod dish in the Community of Madrid in 2004. Ramon Freixa At his namesake restaurant, Freixa’s unique style is defined as avant-garde with traditional favors. His cooking is very personal, demonstrating his innovative character and mastery of technique, as well as his passion for Mediterranean products, flavors and aromas. Santceloni Earning its first Michelin star just 9 months after opening in 2001, Santceloni and its chef, Óscar Velasco, are devotees of the seasonal market culinary megatrend. Utilizing the finest ingredients, the restaurant offers the very best Spain’s signature dishes from every region. Sergi Arola Gastro Sergi Arola, a rockstar-turned-chef, and his new addition to Madrid’s culinary scene, will amaze with diverse degustation courses. Known for frequent menu changes a superb wine selection, the restaurant boasts two Michelin stars. Rodrigo de la Calle (Aranjuez, 30 miles south of Madrid) Chef de la Calle is known for his artful blends of the Castilian culinary classics with exotic fruits and vegetables. The restaurant uses the highest quality local ingredients as well as relies on own historic garden on the eastern coast of Spain for the exotic produce. Coque (Humanes de Madrid, 40 minutes from Madrid) Mario Sandoval, the youngest chef to ever receive a Michelin Star, will amaze you with his personal and creative touch to every dish, combining traditional with modern textures and tastes. Coque’s dedication to the use of seasonal products is led by the Chef Mario’s respect for the balance between taste, appearance and the ingredients that make up a dish. Casa José (Aranjuez, 30 miles south of Madrid) Chef Fernando del Cerro has been running this family-owned restaurant since 1991, earning a Michelin Star the very same year. The menu offers tow options – traditional and innovative – but always centers on the importance of local produce, adjusting its menu seasonally. For further information on Madrid’s restaurant offerings, please visit For more information and help with planning an unforgettable trip to Spain, visit