6 Reasons Why Spain is the Perfect Study Abroad Destination

Study Abroad season is quickly approaching! What does that mean for you students? It’s time to pick your study abroad destination! We get it; it can be overwhelming. There are so many beautiful countries to pick from, how do you know you are choosing the right one? Well, call us biased, but we believe that Spain is the perfect study abroad spot! Here are 6 reasons why:

1.    You can live like royalty for cheap: OK, maybe not like “P. Diddy royalty.” But compared to the prices in the US and the surrounding European countries, you’re going to be amazed at how cheap the price of living in Spain is. From low apartment rents right in the city centers of Madrid and Barcelona, to 1€ beers and 10€ three course meals; you’ll be living the high life on a student’s budget. 2.    You will learn a new language: But not just any language; the second most spoken language in the world…in front of English! Did you know that Spanish is spoken by over 470 million people in the world?! When else in your life are you going to have the chance to pick it up, without sitting in class and studying from a text book? Ok, that might help too. But, by immersing yourself in the Spanish language and talking with the friendly locals, surely you will return home with an entire new set of Spanish vocabulary. And who knows, you might even become fluent! 3.    The Sunny Weather: Who doesn’t like sun all-year-round? Did you know, studies actually show that sun directly effects your happiness and stress levels? Maybe that explains why Spanish people are known to be so happy all the time! Spain is actually the sunniest country in all of Europe, with one of the warmest climates. 4.    You can easily travel to any country in Europe: We highly doubt that you’re going to want to leave so soon, but if you do…it’s easy! Spain is extremely well connected with its network of trains, buses and airports. Hop on a cheap flight and take a Euro Trip, or stay in the country and explore the beauty of Northern and Southern Spain on a cheap high-speed train. 5.    The Fiesta and Siesta Culture: It’s almost like the Spanish lifestyle was made for students. From sharing cañas after class with professors, to city-wide fiestas that fill the streets, like Las Fallas in Valencia and Feria de Abril in Sevilla. From the nightlife that lasts until sunrise, to the siesta which gives you a “cultural” excuse to relax from your busy day of studying. The laid back, relaxed, yet vibrant culture of Spain will surely make you feel right at home, and then some. 6.    You’d be Attending Europe’s Most Historical Universities: That’s right! Spain’s universities like Salamanca, Madrid, Valladolid, and Granada hold some of the longest standing educational traditions in Europe. In fact, the University of Salamanca is actually the fifth oldest in the world! What does that mean for you today? This draws in some of the world’s best professors, which, lucky for you, can be your professors. Like they say my friends; with age, comes knowledge. So, if you want to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, and have a blast while doing it all, Spain is no doubt, the perfect study abroad destination for you! Until then…we’ll save you a text book and a caña ;) Written by: Casie Tennin October 1, 2015