Water rollercoaster at Isla Mágica. Seville.

Themed tourism

Travel as your fancy takes you Tourism to suit all tastes – that's what we offer you here. Maybe you're coming to Spain with your kids and you'd like to take them to an amusement park. Or perhaps you'd love to give your partner a romantic surprise. Or are you more interested in religious tourism? Are you a film buff, a birdwatcher, or an agrotourism enthusiast...? Or do you really want to indulge yourself with a luxury getaway? We have the perfect suggestion for you.  


Everyone's guaranteed loads of fun at all Spain's attraction-packed leisure parks. You'll fly through the air at supersonic speeds as you hurtle down incredibly high roller coasters. You'll feel like a film actor as you take part in spectacular shows. You'll explore exotic landscapes at the theme parks and you'll be thrilled at the fun of discovering them with the youngest members of the family.  


Come and experience all the intensity of religion. 'Religious tourism' in Spain will inspire you to follow the route of the Way of Saint James, get excited with the Easter Week processions, take part in popular pilgrimages, or discover some of the most spectacular monuments in the country.

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Spain on film. Have you ever thought of visiting the places that were used as the settings for films like 'Star Wars'? Or exploring the lands where the literary character Don Quixote de la Mancha lived out his adventures? Come to Spain!

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Skies teeming with life. Thanks to its privileged situation, Spain has a large number of nature areas for birdwatching. Pack your field glasses and take a front row seat for this spectacular 'show'.

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With every possible comfort. If it's time to give yourself a little treat... then the best hotels, golf courses, VIP services and top fashion labels are all waiting for you.

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