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Which area of Spain is it typical?

Autonomous region:
La Rioja

Rioja, La


Pochas beans take their name from the dull colour of the pod when they are harvested.

It is actually a type of white bean that is consumed before it is ripe. In fact, the bean, phaseolus vulgaris l., goes from green in colour during the growing phase to a whitish colour when ripe. Pochas beans are grown on family farms and are sown around the month of March. They are usually eaten in stews and are one of the typical dishes in Spanish gastronomy.

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Type of product:

During the autumn months, although, if preserved, they may be consumed year-round.

Pochas beans are produced primarily in two Autonomous Regions: La Rioja and Navarre.

Stewed white beans

On the farms of both La Rioja and Navarre, there are two varieties of pochas:

As its name indicates, in the shape of a kidney with tough skin

Rounded in shape with a very thin skin. Starchy and better performing than the 'arriñonada'.

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Rich in carbohydrates and calcium.

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