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Which area of Spain is it typical?

Autonomous region:

Castilla y León


Since far-off times, pigeons from Tierra de Campos have been considered one of the products that make up the culinary tradition of Castilla y León.

Already by the Middle Ages, the pigeon was a bird normally eaten by the kings and courtiers of Castile and León. It must not be forgotten that this has been, par excellence, the land of kings and has always been extremely rich in game. In the county of Tierra de Campos in Castella y León, pigeon rearing has always been very important, as witnessed by the many dovecots in the county, some of them dating back to Roman times. Pigeons are presented fresh or pickled; this formula used to be used for storing the product in the best way possible to be eaten later. In addition, pickling makes other forms of preparation possible, such as hotpots or stews with vegetables. Both methods make tasty pigeon recipes that are very popular in León.

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The ideal time for consumption is during the months from September to March.

Pigeons are reared basically in the county of Tierra de Campos. Situated between the provinces of Valladolid and Zamora, the most important parts of this area are the subcounty of Torozanos and placed like Mucientes, Castronuño and Villagracia, among others.

To drink with it:
Pigeon is very suitable for eating with young and crianza red wines; in the latter case when accompanied by stronger sauces.

Roast pigeon in red wine

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Rich in proteins and minerals

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