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Which area of Spain is it typical?

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The exquisite Beef from Cantabria is one of the basic pillars of the gastronomy of Cantabria.

The livestock that produces the so-called 'Beef from Cantabria' are cattle born, raised and butchered in Cantabria, especially the Alpine Brown and Tudanca breeds, and also including the so-called 'High Mountain' breeds, such as the 'Monchina'. The animals are fed natural feed. The meat comes in pink tones and the fat is white or cream-colour. It is very consistent and firm to the touch; it is slightly moist, with a fine texture and an excellent taste.

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The production area for 'Beef from Cantabria' covers the entire Autonomous Region.

To drink with it:
Beef from Cantabria is ideal with young crianza, reserva and gran reserva red wines. The choice depends on the cooking method and how the dish is prepared.

Where to buy:
Beef from Cantabria is available in most speciality shops, supermarkets and butcher's shops in Cantabria and Madrid.

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