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Which area of Spain is it typical?

Autonomous region:
Basque Country

País Vasco


Red bream is an excellent, very tasty fish, which reaches the highest culinary levels roast or griddled.

It is one of the most highly prized fish. It is reddish grey, and at times a little pink, and has a characteristic black spot behind the head, above the lateral fin. Its bulging, clear, clean eyes are the most unmistakable sign of its freshness. It is a semi-oily fish. It can be eaten in various ways, but the simpler the preparation the better it is.

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Type of product:

It can be eaten all year round, although it reaches its highest quality in the winter months.

The red bream comes largely from the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea.

Where to buy:
The red bream can be found in most fishmongers and superstores on the Peninsula, but is especially typical in the Madrid region and the coastal provinces of the Basque Country and Cantabria.

Red bream in sauce with dried peppers

Nutritional information



Rich in proteins and minerals.

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