GR 20: Aralar - Aralarko Bira Round Trip

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Navarre  (Navarre)
Federación Navarra de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada. Pamplona
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This path, that surrounds one of the most characteristic paths of the Basque Country, has three of the six stages of this path at the foot of the mountains in Navarra, joining all of the villages on the slopes of this sierra shared by Navarra and Gipúzcoa.

It is an eminently cultural route, given that not only are the different villages visited but it also passes close of old chapels, mills, forges, dolmens, birthing stables, etc. This GR allows for connections with the GR 12 (Euskal Herria Path) and the GR 21 (Ignaciano Path). It also allows for connections with the ten SR of El Plazaola with their centre point in the locality of Lekunberri.

Route details

Departure point: Sendero circular
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance (km): 85
No. of stages: 6



Lizarrusti (Navarra-Gipuzkoa border) - Lakuntza - Uharte Arakil - Etseberri - Madotz - Goldaratz - Iribas - Lekunberri - Baraibar - Albiasu - Errazkin - Betelu - Uztegi - Azkarate - Urdile (Gipuzkoa-Navarra border).

Variante GR 20.2:

Irañeta - Madoz - Egiarreta, GR 20.3 Egiarreta - Madoz - Larrazpil - Goldaratza.


Along the route, accommodation, food and supplies are available in Lekunberri, Astiz, Irurtzun, Huarte Arakil, Lakuntza, Arbizu, Etxarri, Ataun, Larraitz, Amezketa, Betelu, Errazkin and Baraibar. Regular connections from Pamplona by bus and rail (Valleys of Arakil and Sakana) at intermediate points on the route.Tourist Offices in Lekunberri.