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Guipúzcoa - Gipuzkoa  (Basque Country)
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In the area surrounding the Port of Lizarrusti, this legendary path runs through the border of Guipúzcoa with Navarra to the confines of the Saint Adrián tunnel and, from here, Guipúzcoa shares this stretch with the province of Álava to the Port of Kruzeta.

As you get further away from the Pyrenees, the differences in climate and landscape are noticeable.The GR 12 in Guipúzcoa passes many historic and connecting milestones reflected on the rocks of the ancient tracks that join the localities along both slopes and that give signs of their importance up until relatively recent times.This route can be followed covered at any time of year. The path covers 71 km., 4 stages that connect the Port of Lizarrusti, the Port of Etxegarate, Otsaurte - S. Adrián, Mugarriluze, the Port of Arlaban, Rasos de Albina and the Port of Kruzeta. The path meets the GR 121 on a large stretch and joins the GR 20 and the GR 35, Herding Path, in Lizarrusti.

Route details

Departure point: Puerto de Lizarrusti
Arrival point: Puerto de Kruzeta
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance (km): 71
No. of stages: 4



Pto. Etxegarte - Añabaso - Coll. de Asquiola - Larrangoiti - Bugarmendi, Coll. de Alabitarte - Alto de Abeta - Coll de Zabalandi - Amboto - Port of Urkiola - Alto de Barazar - Larralde - Gatzarrieta - Port of Altube - Port of Orduña - Pto. Angulo.


Along the route, you can stay overnight in Lizarrusti, S. Adrián, Etxegarate, Arlaban and Salinas de Lenitz. Connections are more difficult due to the scarcity of existing services.