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Contact details

Granada  (Andalusia)
Federación Andaluza de Montañismo. Granada
Tel.:+34 958 29 13 40
Fax.:+34 958 28 09 20


Autonomous region:




At the foot of Sierra Nevada, facing the Mediterranean, is a land that was the dwelling of the Muslims for over eight hundred years.

This land is La Alpujarra, a tiny corner of the Kingdom of Granada that still keps the Islamic stamp practically intact, a slice of the Orient in the extreme West.
Cube-shaped stepped houses, terraced cropland, villages hanging on the sides of the mountains, incredible countryside and a wide range of leisure activities.With a peculiar indiosyncrasy, reflected in its local architecture and in the forms of life of its inhabitants, La Alpujarra is a varied and different place, of a marked rural nature while remaining open and hospitable, used to receiving visitors from far and wide.
The GR 142 runs through a large part of La Alpujarra, over the province of Granada and Almería to cross the sierra to the north when this becomes more accessible.

Route details

Departure point: Lanjarón (Granada)
Arrival point: Fiñana (Almería)
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance (km): 144
No. of stages: 13



Lanjarón (Granada) - Orgiva - Mecinas Fondales - Ferreira - Busquistar - Notaez - Cástaraz - Nieles - Lobras - Cádiar - Jorairatar - Los Monteros -Las Canteras - Darrical - Lucainena - Alcolea - Láujar de Andarax - Almócita - Fondón - Padules - Canjáyar - Ohanes - Abrucena - Fiñana (Almería).


Possibility of accommodation and food in all towns along the path.