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Autonomous region:

Castellón - Castelló


This secluded town in the region of Alto Maestrazgo houses one of the best examples of cave art from Levante, and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.Tírig, a small town in the region of Alto Maestrazgo, traditionally devoted to cattle raising and agriculture (almonds and olives), is famous for having in its township one of the most important samples of Levante cave art. These cave paintings, declared a World Heritage site by Unesco, are located in the ravine of La Valltorta. There we find almost nine hundred painted figures scattered around seventeen small caves, depicting humans and animals mainly in hunting scenes, which reveals their Neolithic origin. The Museum of La Valltorta, located in this town, exhibits an interesting collection that includes reproductions of these cave paintings, the only testimony of the prehistoric settlers of the Mediterranean bowl.

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