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Autonomous region:
Canary Islands



The district takes in part of the Garajonay National Park, declared a World Heritage Site. Chipude, along with Tamargada, Epina, El Cercado or La Dama, is one of a great many neighbourhoods spread throughout the district of Vallehermoso. Agriculture (mainly vines and bananas) and handicrafts (pottery, textiles, wickerwork, wood...) constitute the main source of income of the local economy. However, one of the district's main attractions is that it houses almost a third of the Garajonay National Park, declared to be World Heritage by UNESCO. It preserves a major botanical treasure inside: the forests of laurisilva. But that is not all, the park also has a wide variety of native plant species, as well as a considerable number of ecosystems.. The district also has other protected areas which are ideal for hiking, among them the natural monuments of Roque Cano, Los Órganos, Lomo del Carretón and La Fortaleza.  

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