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Carretera de Uncastillo a Sádaba, km. 2
50678  Layana, Uncastillo, Zaragoza  (Aragon)
Tel.:+34 976679121


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These are important ruins of an urban settlement dating to Roman times, which included a number of villas and public buildings such as baths, a temple, a forum and an aqueduct.

The remains recovered include private residences, and parts of a temple (a wall, gallery, fragments of columns, a statue in white marble), water complex (dam and 32 pilasters of stone blocks and a cistern), the forum (two columns of the Tuscan order, remains of houses and streets with pavements), and above all the baths.
These were constructed in sandstone. Access was through a doorway with three arches. There are remains of the changing rooms, of the "waiting and conversation” room, an open-air gym, the massage and oil room, the latrines and the baths themselves: three rooms for cold, warm and hot baths, as well as a sauna. Part of the heating system has also been discovered.

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Admission free. A documented visit can be arranged by contacting