Santa María de Valvanera Monastery

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26322  Anguiano, La Rioja  (La Rioja)
Tel.:+34 941377044
Fax.:+ 34 941377194


Rioja, La


The sanctuary was built after the discovery of a 9th-century, Byzantine style image of Santa María.

The monastery’s name comes from the Latin expression, “Vallis Venaria”, which means “valley of the veins of water”, because it is set in a valley with a host of springs, waterfalls and streams. Although the church visible today dates from the 15th century, its origins go back to a Visigoth temple. It also conserves a tower from another Romanesque, 12th-century church. On the high altar you can see a niche with a statue of the Virgen de Valvanera.

  • Construction: Monastery
  • Artistic period: Gothic
  • Historic period: 15th century, 10th century

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  • From Monday to Sunday From 09:00 to 19:00


  • Admission free


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