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Hospital de Órbigo

Old Órbigo Bridge

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24286  Puente de Orbigo, Hospital de Órbigo, León  (Castile-Leon)
Tel.:+34 987237082


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    Way of Saint James, the first European Cultural Route and World Heritage Site. See more


The bridge of medieval jousts.

The legend of Don Suero and his duel attracts lovers of the Middle Ages to this bridge.

It is a 13th-century bridge which served and still serves as part of the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela. The legend says that on this bridge a knight from Leon confronted some foreigners who wanted to cross it in a duel in order to undo a pledge of slavery to his beloved Lady Leonor, under which he would have to fast every Thursday and wear a heavy iron ring around his neck. He must have broken 300 lances. He did not succeed, but the judges of the contest repaid Don Suero by freeing him from the ring. For this reason, the bridge is known as Passo Honroso (Honourable Crossing).


Historic period:
13th century

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