Add some flavor to your vacation and come to Spain

A Mediterranean diet, tapas, Iberian ham, tortilla de patatas, olive oil, Rioja wine, and more. It's Spain, it's flavor, and you can have it all during your trip! 

Sharing is life, so live! Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is part of the World Heritage? In addition to being healthy, it is recognized for the lifestyle it signifies. The Mediterranean diet means eating together, respecting the land, and the biodiversity and preservation involved in traditional activities regarding agriculture and fishing. In short, it is life and we love sharing it. Distinctive food products Iberian ham is one of the most popular Spanish products among tourists. In fact, many bring some back home with them! We recommend eating it recently cut. It is intensely flavorful, with an intriguing smell, and it always leaves you wanting more. Extra virgin olive oil is the essence of the Mediterranean diet and a healthy condiment that perfectly accompanies any dish. You will find it in almost all Spanish recipes, but to properly taste it, we recommend taking part in a tasting or having it on toast for breakfast. Spanish wine, particularly Rioja, is increasingly garnering international fame. We recommend letting the locals guide you or consulting the Wine Routes of Spain. Food is a celebration Mainly because it is something that we enjoy. Will you join in? In Spain, celebrations around food are quite common. From those related to the harvest (in the months of September and October), to those around the world of vegetables (most common in spring); there are also those that are a spectacle of nature such as the Cherry Trees Celebration in the Jerte Valley (around March and April), rooted in tradition like the pig slaughter (in the colder months), or related to seafood and fishing. However, the most popular dishes are usually found at all celebrations. We're talking ‘haute cuisine’ Because haute cuisine has been speaking Spanish for years. First, it was Ferràn Adria with his creative revolution of cutting edge cuisine. Later, ‘El Celler de Can Roca’ from the Roca brothers was recognized as the best restaurant in the world, according to Restaurant Magazine, in 2013 and in 2015, which included Jordi Roca, awarded best pastry chef in 2015. Discover other stars of Spanish cuisine in the 'Haute Cuisine in Spain' report. Are you a foodie? What is a foodie? A fan of cooking, its dishes, and above all, eating them; enjoying them and sharing them (and we don't mean only on social networks). If you consider yourself a foodie, fill your wall with tapas to get more followers by photographing the latest creation of one of the great Spanish chefs! Or, share the bustle and life of a market. If you’re not a foodie, we are warning you - Spain will turn you into one.