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Carretera A-1603 s/n
22711  Jaca, Huesca  (Aragon)
Tel.:+34 974355119
Fax.:+34 974355089


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    Way of Saint James, the first European Cultural Route and World Heritage Site. See more


History behind walls

The monastery consists of two buildings, the New Monastery, dating from the 17th century, in the Baroque style, and the Old Monastery, from the 10th century, in the Romanesque style.

It has its origins in a hermitage church built where the monastery was constructed in the 10th century, with what is known as the Mozarab style Lower Church being built first, and consecrated in 920. Sancho el Mayor of Navarre founded a new centre in the year 1025. A new Romanesque style church was built. In the 15th century the chapel of San Victorián was built and, in the 17th century, following a fire, the monastery had to be rebuilt, this time adopting the Baroque style. However, the most important is the marvellous Romanesque Cloister that attracts the visitors.


Artistic period:

Historic period:
17th century, 10th century

Practical information


From Mar 01 to May 31
From Monday to Sunday
From 10:00 to 14:00
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General: €7
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Children: €4,50


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