Would you like to travel back in time? This is the sensation you will have in many Spanish towns and villages when they hold medieval events and markets. These festive occasions are especially common in summer, combining history, culture and fun.

Troubadours, merchants, jongleurs, knights, damsels… In many places in Spain, and especially during the summer, these characters take over the streets for several days to carry you back to the Middle Ages. All over Spain there are medieval markets that recreate the atmosphere, traditions and events of that period in history. Some of them have become major festive events attracting large crowds of visitors.

These are generally popular events. The majority of the local people take part in them with real passion: they dress in period costumes, act out representations of legends and battles, they prepare typical medieval dishes… To contribute to the atmosphere, the streets are decorated with standards and banners and the ground is covered in straw. There is also street entertainment with music, puppets and jugglers to keep the children happy. Some festivals also include activities such as jousting tournaments and falconry exhibitions. If they are also in historic towns and villages with monuments as backdrop then the result is truly spectacular.

Time will fly by as you stroll through the stalls of the craft market. There is everything: food, ceramics, jewellery, leather items, wooden toys, etc. You can buy a wide variety of traditionally made food products, from spices and sweets to bread, honey and cheese. At the stalls you can also see how craftsmen and women like potters, blacksmiths and carpenters used to work in bygone times.

Medieval festivals and markets can be found in many cities, towns and villages around Spain. Those held in Ávila, Cordoba, Alcalá de Henares, Sigüenza and Hita are only a few of the best known. You will have a great time “crossing” this tunnel back through time.

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