Come to Spain! You will feel that you are amongst friends!

Spain is a vibrant country where you'll find good-natured high spirits in every corner and on every street. The passion for life and the friendliness of its people, always ready to greet you with an open smile, can be seen and enjoyed wherever you go. This vitality and exuberance is also a key feature of the multitude of festivities celebrated in Spanish towns and cities all year round. These events offer the ideal excuse for dancing to the beat of the music, sharing traditions, simply having a good time, sampling delicious and mouth-watering traditional cuisine or the latest avant-garde gastronomy, making new friendships to last a lifetime… in Spain, you'll want to make the most of every single day, and live each moment as intensely as you can. Spanish destinations and landscapes –the legacy of a melting pot of cultures, and the site of numerous castles, palaces, spectacular beaches…– have often been used as a setting for international film productions. That's because there's something about Spain that appeals to everybody. And any time is a good time for a visit... because this is a place where you can enjoy the night life through till dawn, either with a group of friends or as a couple... because this is a place where children can discover new worlds... because here the sun always shines... because it's easy to feel at home... and because Spain offers the best possible setting. Why not embark on your very own adventure?