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Murcia  (Murcia)
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This path covers countryside of the high plateau, mid fertile plans of the Segura and the north west of Murcia.

It goes from the district of Torre del Rico, in the municipality of Jumilla, to La Cañada de la Cruz, in Moratalla. It crosses Wine and fruit areas, entering the fertile orchards and crossing the river Seguro and the paddy fields of Calasparra to leave the Region of Murcia at Cañada de la Cruz after covering the districts of El Sabinar and El Calar de la Santa, having previous run between the Sierra of Los Álamos and La Muela, next to the rivers Árabe and Benamor. The path combines its great variety of countryside with a great cultural-artistic-architectural interest and the most important of all:great human interest. The spots in the vineyard area of Jumilla are worth noting, as are the great variety of fruit trees that are found in Cieza next to the river Segura, the typical paddy fields of Calasparra and the Sierras of Moratalla. These places are the home to festivities such as the Wine fiesta in Jumilla or the Cristo del Rayo fiesta in Moratalla. Places of great beauty such as the chapel of La Rogativa or the river Segura seen from the Watchtower in Cieza.

Route details

Departure point: Torre del Rico
Arrival point: Cañada de la Cruz
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance (km): 297
No. of stages: 7



Torre de Rico (Jumilla) - Rambla de la Raja - Puerta de Jaime - Venta Román - Azujarejo - Cieza - El Cárcavo Dam - Reservoir - Calasparra - Moratalla (La Puerta) - Cortijos de Somogil - Cortijo de la Risca - Chapel of S. Juan - Campo de S. Juan - Salt mines ofl Zacatín - Calar de la Santa/El Sabinar - Rambla de la Rogativa - Chapel of La Rogativa - Pto. Alto - Cañada de la Cruz (Moratalla).

Variante GR 7.1 Senderos de la Cruz:

Caravaca de la Cruz - El Hornico - Tartamudo - Archivel - Caravaca de la Cruz.


Along the GR 7 you can stay overnight, eat and purchase supplies in Torre del Rico, Venta Román, Cieza, Calasparra, Moratalla, El Sabinar, Cañada de la Cruz. Regular passenger service in Cieza, Calasparra, Moratalla and El Sabinar. The Path Commission also aims to provide a hiker-guide service.