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  • Baena.

    Tourist destinations

    Baena. Cordoba. (Andalusia) The town sits on the side of a hill, forming a network of narrow, winding streets, dotted by traditional houses and ancestral homes. A landscape of olive orchards and cereal fields surrounds i…

  • Cabra.

    Tourist destinations

    Cabra. Cordoba. (Andalusia) A Municipality located to the south of the province of Cordoba, in the spurs of the Subbetic Mountains. Surrounded by olive orchards and organic-produce orchards…

  • Lucena.

    Tourist destinations

    Lucena. Cordoba. (Andalusia) The second, most populated city in the province of Cordoba. It offers to the visitor numerous incentives, from its history and heritage, to its impressive surroundings. In Lucena we find the …

  • Montilla.

    Tourist destinations

    Montilla. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Montilla. You will find Montilla only 40 kilometres from Cordoba among vineyards, olive groves and centuries of history. Famous for its wines and olive oils, to walk through the streets and…

  • Montoro.

    Tourist destinations

    Montoro. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Montoro, declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1969, is located east of the province of Cordoba, in a place where the sierra, the river, and the farmlands meet. The town is located on a small…

  • Zuheros.

    Tourist destinations

    Zuheros. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Moorish, Andalusian beauty. Zuheros is in the Cordoba Mountains and conserves the traditional architecture of white houses with ochre roofs. Set at the foot of a Moorish castle, the Nuestra …