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  • Las Minas. Puerto flamenco tour. Las Minas Festival in Sagunto. Sagunto.



    …Calle Cronista Chabret, 6. 18009. Sagunto. Valencia. Auditorio Joaquín Rodrigo.…

  • Spanish Football League: Valencia CF v FC Barcelona. Valencia.

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    …Valencia. Fax.: +34 963372335 | E-mail: You're almost guaranteed excitement and lots of goals at one of the matches that the all-powerful FC Barcelona actually sees as tough. A …

  • Champions League: Valencia CF v Olympique de Lyon. Valencia.

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    …Valencia. Fax.: +34 963372335 | E-mail: A match between two classic teams in European competitions where the final score could be decisive for the future of both this season. Va…

  • Three Kings Parade. Alcoy.

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    …Alcoy-Alcoi. Alcoy. Alicante - Alacant. (Valencia) This is Spain’s oldest parade, held since 1885. In Alcoy, old folk and youngsters alike live Christmas and the arrival of the Three Wise Men with special excitement. On …

  • Spanish Football League: Valencia CF v Real Madrid. Valencia.

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    …Valencia. Fax.: +34 963372335 | E-mail: The season kicks off with an important match for La Liga: a classic game which brings two great rivals face to face. A stadium with a sea…

  • Exhibition: Gillian Wearing. Valencia.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 09/24/2015 to 01/24/2016

    …Valencia. Fax.: +34 963921094 | E-mail: The IVAM in Valencia hosts this exhibition on human emotions by the British artist Gillian Wearing  . Winner of the 1997 Turner Prize, Wearing comes to S…

  • Exhibition: Melancholy Times. Creation and Disappointment in Spain during the Golden Age. Valencia.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 11/10/2015 to 02/07/2016

    …Valencia. Fax.: +34 963870301 | E-mail: An exhibition about the melancholic feeling in culture during the 16th and 17th centuries. The exhibit…

  • Moors and Christians Fiesta. Bocairent.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 02/05/2016 to 02/09/2016

    …Bocairent. Valencia. E-mail: Parades and a great deal of fun are the keynotes of this unique Spanish fiesta. During the first week in February, Bocairent, in the prov…

  • Festivities of La Magdalena. Castellón de la Plana.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 02/27/2016 to 03/06/2016

    …Paseo Buenavista 28. 12100. Castellón de la Plana-Castelló de la Plana. Castellón de la Plana. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) E-mail:…

  • San José Fallas celebration. Valencia.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    From 03/15/2016 to 03/19/2016

    …Valencia. E-mail: Valencia welcomes the spring with its Fallas festival. Monumental, yet transitory cardboard statues are carefully built over the course o…