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Contact details

Avenida de Pío Baroja, 3
46015  Valencia  (Valencia)


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Types of park:


This park offers the chance to immerse yourself in a range of natural habitats and to experience the sensation of being a part of your surroundings together with the animals that live there.

Bioparc is one of the new generations of zoos in which the barriers between visitors and the animals seem to disappear. It recreates the various wild environments in a highly natural way and with particular attention on the vegetation, in order to encourage the complete and total integration of the animals.

On your visit you'll see a vast savanna inhabited by antelopes, giraffes and rhinoceros, you'll discover hyenas' dens, walk amid buffaloes and leopards, go deep into a dense forest where gorillas roam, and follow elephants' trails.

What's more, a range of different activities are scheduled throughout the day, including bird and mammal exhibitions, films about the zoo's animals and storytelling sessions.

Schedules and prices


Check the website for information on opening times.


General: €23,80
Children: €18
4 12 years
Retired persons: €17,50
You can get more information on times on the oficial website


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