French Route through Aragon stage 06: Monreal - Puente la Reina


This stage passes through...

Monreal, Tiebas, Enériz, Sta. Mª de Eunate, Obanos, Puente la Reina


Route belonging to:
The Way of Saint James

Name of route:
French Route

30,40 km

Mode of transport
  • 6,05h Sin paradas y sin mochila. Walking

Main difficulties
Long stage, with muddy areas in autumn and winter. Care is required at the crossroads before reaching Muruarte de Reta.

Flora, fauna and crops
The vegetation and crops in the area consist predominantly of cereals, holm oaks, kermes oaks and European oaks, olive and poplar trees, pastures and grapevines.

Rest areas
There are rest areas in Monreal: benches and litter bin; Tiebas (at the entrance to the town): tables, benches; Tiebas (beside church): benches and a drinking fountain; Tiebas (town centre): benches, drinking fountain and litter bin; Muruarte de Reta (beside the railway line): drinking fountain, benches and litter bin; Muruarte de Reta (beside pelota court): bench, drinking fountain and litter bin; Olcoz: benches and containers; Eunate: benches, drinking fountain and litter bin; Eunate (200 metres outside): with tables, benches, litter bins and a drinking fountain; and in Obanos: benches, drinking fountains and litter bins.