To the north it borders Tamargada and is somewhat more spacious, it can be reached on foot or by boat and there are some lovely views from the path.

Type of beach

  • Seafront promenade:
  • Composition: Rock,Sand
  • Type of sand: Golden
  • Conditions: Strong waves
  • Mooring berths:
  • Vegetation:
  • Protected space:


  • Length: 400 (m)
  • Width: 30 (m)
  • Occupancy rate: Low
  • Degree of urban development: Isolated

  • Marina: Puerto Deportivo de San Sebastián
  • Distance to beach: 55 km.

Accesses and safety

  • Means of access: On foot difficult
  • Signposting of accesses:
  • Disabled access:
  • Signposting of hazards:
  • Nearest road: GM-1


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 5 km radius)