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Contact details

Castile-León Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking. Valladolid
Tel.:+34 983360295
Fax.:+34 983360295


Autonomous region:

Castilla y León


From its birth in the mountains of the Sierra de Urbión, through to the plain of Vega Terrón on the Portuguese border, the Senda del Duero trail stretches for over 750 km through different and varied landscapes... From the pine forests of the mountains, through the juniper groves and vineyards along the banks of the Duero river, the farmlands and irrigated fields of Tierra de Campos, and the holm oak and olive groves of Los Arribes del Duero.

It passes through nature areas such as the Sierras de Urbión, the banks of the Duero river, the Riberas de Castronuño nature reserve, the Cañones del Duero canyons and the Arribes del Duero nature reserve. It also offers the chance to discover towns and villages such as Vinuesa, Soria, Almazán, Gormaz, Aranda de Duero, Peñafiel, Tudela de Duero, Simancas, Tordesillas, Toro and Zamora, and paths and historic highways like the Way of Saint James and the Roman road of Mirandesa.

Route details

Departure point: Fuente del Duero - Vinuesa
Arrival point: La Fregeneda - Vega Terrón
Distance (km): 750
No. of stages: 42


Main route:

Fuente del Duero - Vinuesa - Soria - Ituero - Almazán - Andaluz - Gormaz - San Esteban de Gormaz - Langa de Duero - Aranda de Duero - Roa - Peñafiel - Quintanilla de Onésimo -Tudela de Duero - Puente Duero - Tordesillas - Castronuño - Toro - Zamora - Pereruela  - Moral de Sayago - Villadepera - Villardiegua de la Ribera - Torregamones - Gamones - Badilla - Cozcurrita - Fariza - Mámoles - Fornillos de Fermoselle - Pinilla de Fermoselle - Fermoselle - Trabanca - Villarino de los Aires - Pereña de la Ribera - Masueco - Aldeadávila de la Ribera - Mieza - Vilvestre - Saucelle - Hinojosa de Duero - La Fregeneda - Vega Terrón