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Autonomous region:
Canary Islands



Playa de Santiago is a major tourist centre which comes under the municipality of Alajeró, situated in the southern part of the island of La Gomera. Situated in the sunniest area of La Gomera, Playa de Santiago is one of the most important tourist spots on the island. It is divided into two separate towns, Lomada de Tecina and Laguna de Santiago. This quiet housing development, which gathers together most of the hotel establishments, sits around a fishing village, where you can try the excellent fresh fish. Playa de Santiago comes under the municipality of Alajeró, which stretches to the Santiago ravine. Outstanding in its town centre is the parish church of Salvador del Mundo, with beautiful main front and containing a Christ from the 17th century, and the hermitage of San Lorenzo. As well as this tourist spot, Alajeró has other coastal places of interest, such as the beach of Erese. It also has one of the few dragon trees existing on the island, in the area of Agalán.  

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