"El Raso" Archaeological Site in Candelada

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Collado de Freillo, a 2,3 km de El Raso y a 12 km de Candeleda
05480  Raso, El, Candeleda, Ávila  (Castile-Leon)
Tel.:+34 920382368
Tel.:+34 920380001




It is the first sign of the homo sapiens settlement in Ávila. It is a thousand-year old town with remains of cave paintings and also a Celtic hill-fort called “El Raso”, originating over 4,500 years ago that disappeared in the I century B.C. There were 300 houses and 1,500 inhabitants over an area of 20 hectares.The remains found in the necropolis are Roman and Visigothic.

  • Construction: Archaeological site
  • Artistic period: Celtic