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Señorío de Bértiz Nature Reserve gardens

Contact details

Parque Natural del Señorío de Bértiz s/n
31720  Oieregi, Bertizarana, Navarre  (Navarre)
Tel.:+34 948592421
Fax.:+34 948592422


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The Señorío de Bértiz Nature Reserve covers 2,040 hectares and affords a marvellous display of forests, meadows and pastures, with areas of great scenic value. The nature reserve is well prepared to receive a heavy flow of tourists, nearly 100,000 people a year. They can also visit the garden, whose 3.4 hectares include nearly 125 species of shrubs and trees, laid out in the manner of a naturist garden of the early 20th century, although fifty years earlier the original garden was French in design and considerably smaller. The garden, which is next to the façade of the small palace, had an area of 6,738 square metres and a fountain and a greenhouse that was built in around 1856, which still exists today. There are strict regulations protecting this nature reserve, which was designated as such in 1984.

Practical information


Check the website for information on opening times.


General: €3
Retired persons: Admission free
Children: Admission free


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