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  • Almería en Corto. International Festival of Film Shorts. Almería.

    Calendar | Cultural

    From 12/01/2015 to 12/06/2015

    …Almería. (Andalusia) The Almería en Corto International Festival of Film Shorts has been held in Almería since 2002. This is an open event for the film industry, bringing together creators,…

  • International "Julián Arcas" Classical Guitar Competition. Almería.

    Calendar | Cultural

    …Almería. (Andalusia) Fundación Cajamar. Founded in the year 2000, the International "Julián Arcas" Classical Guitar Competition is held in Almería. The aim of the event, which is open to all cl…

  • FIMTE. International Festival of Spanish Keyboard Music. Almería.

    Calendar | Cultural

    …Almería. (Andalusia) E-mail: The International Festival of Spanish Keyboard Music is held every year in the Andalusian town of Almería. The programme consists of concerts perfo…

  • Almeria Fair. Almería.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    …Almería. (Andalusia) A range of different events catering to all tastes are held within the programme of the Almeria Fair and Fiestas, in honour of the city's patron, the Virgin of the S…