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  • Gandía.

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    Gandía. Valencia. Gandía, capital of the county of La Safor, is set in unusual landscape between the mountains inland and the Mediterranean Sea. An extensive strip of sand almost five kilometres long runs along the coast…

  • Cullera.

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    Cullera. Valencia. The Mediterranean town of Cullera is right in the middle of the Valencian coast, in countryside between the land and the sea. Around the Muntanya d'Or and the mouth of the River Júcar, a summer holiday…

  • Alzira.

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    Alzira. Valencia. The typically mild and temperate Mediterranean climate means the inhabitants of Alzira are able to celebrate numerous festivals. Several Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Roman archaeological sites…

  • Oliva.

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    Oliva. Valencia. Bordering on the province of Alicante, Oliva is the second most important town in the region of La Safor. It boasts 10 kilometres of clean beaches and shallow waters, backed almost in their entirety by d…

  • Ontinyent.

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    …46870. Ontinyent. Valencia. The town of Ontinyent is about 82 kilometres from the city of Valencia. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. Its unique aesthetic is due to the contrast resulting from…

  • Requena.

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    Requena. Valencia. Requena is 68 kilometres from the city of Valencia. It was an important strategic enclave during the Middle Ages. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest…

  • Sagunto.

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    …Sagunto-Sagunt. Sagunto. Valencia. "Arse" for the Iberians, "Saguntum" for the Romans, it still preserves many archaeological remains and monuments in the old town, which bear witness of its importance in the ancient wor…

  • Xàtiva.

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    Xàtiva. Valencia. Xátiva is the capital of the region of La Costera. Declared to be a Historic-Artistic Site, the Neanderthal skull found in Cova Negra dates from 30,000 years BC. Birthplace of the painter José Ribera “e…

  • Buñol.

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    Buñol. Valencia. This town is the setting for one of Spain’s most unusual fiestas. Buñol is just 39 kilometres from the city of Valencia, in a mountainous area close to the coast. In the surrounding region you will have …