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  • Majorca, a luxury island.

    Travel ideas

    …Majorca. (Balearic Islands) The luxury and class so characteristic of Majorca will dazzle you, as it has done the film stars and top-ranking royals who have a home here. This is an island where you can stay in hotels whi…

  • Palma, city of patios.

    Travel ideas

    …Palma. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) Palma, capital of the Balearic Islands, is a bright city, always full of surprises. Its has a maritime atmosphere and a wealth of cultural heritage. A good example of this heritage are …

  • Modernism and art nouveau in Palma.

    Travel ideas

    …Palma. Majorca. (Balearic Islands) In Palma in Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands, you'll find numerous examples of modernist architecture. We invite you to discover them through some of its most outstanding buildings,…

  • Spanish museums with a new feel.

    Travel ideas

    …Deluxe extensions to show some of the world's finest collections of paintings. Restored historic buildings, now home to contemporary art. Avant-garde centres whose exterior is as attractive as what lies within. Museums i…

  • A cruise liner in the Spanish Mediterranean.

    Travel ideas

    …Spain is becoming an ever more popular departure and stopover point for Mediterranean cruises. Year after year, more and more people opt to spend a few days at Mediterranean destinations in Spain at the beginning or end …

  • Elite sports personalities, Spain's ambassadors.

    Travel ideas

    …Football and basketball teams that win World Cups and European Championships. Tennis player who has won practically every possible title. The winner of the Tour de France, Giro de Italia and the Vuelta a España cycling r…

  • Journey to the centre of the earth in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Discover a mysterious world located in the depths of the earth. Places that have remained hidden from the eyes of man for thousands of years, whose interiors are packed with weird and wonderful formations. Come to Spain'…