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  • Baños de Montemayor Spa. Baños de Montemayor.


    … Avda. de las Termas, 57. 10750. Baños. Baños de Montemayor. Cáceres. (Extremadura) E-mail: . Montemayor spa is located in the town of the same name, in the region of Cáceres in northern Extremadura, and is an obligatory stop on the Silver…

  • Balneario Valle del Jerte. Valdastillas.


    … Ctra. N-110 km. 383. 10614. Valdastillas. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Fax.: +34 927471095 | E-mail: Set in the heart of the Jerte Valley, in complete symbiosis with the surrounding countryside, this spa has modern facilities with the latest…

  • Balneario el Salugral. Hervás.


    … Ctra. N-630 (Apdo. 61). 10700. Hervás. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Fax.: +34 927474851 | E-mail: Its origins date back to 1888. It is located on a 70,000 sq m estate in the heart of the Ambroz Valley. It runs the entire length of the river that lends its n…

  • Brozas Spa Resort. Brozas.


    … Carretera San Gregorio s/n. 10950. Brozas. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Tel.: +34 927191050 | +34 927191060 | Fax.: +34 927191060 | E-mail: The Brozas Spa, formerly the San Gregorio Baths, is located in the province of Cáceres, in the heart of the pas…

  • Fuentes del Trampal Spa Resort. Montánchez.


    … 10170. Montánchez. Cáceres. (Extremadura) Fax.: +34 924123370 | E-mail: The waters at this spa have been used for so long that no one even knows when the properties of the spring were discovered. It has been renovated over the years, but the 1990s were decisive because of…

  • El Raposo Spa Resort. Puebla de Sancho Pérez.


    … Balneario El Raposo s/n. 06392. Raposo, El. Puebla de Sancho Pérez. Badajoz. (Extremadura) Fax.: +34 924570419 | E-mail: Its geographic location and the abundant plant life surrounding it give it special climatological and curative properties. The hotel is…

  • Valdefernando Spa Resort. Valdecaballeros.


    … Carretera de Guadalupe, s/n. 06689. Valdecaballeros. Badajoz. (Extremadura) The Spa lies in the outskirts of Valdecaballeros in a stunning nature setting, lapped by a lake of 54 navigable kilometres. Modern hotel and spa facilities preserve the es…

  • Alange Spa Resort. Alange.


    … Calle los Baños 58. 06840. Alange. Badajoz. (Extremadura) Fax.: +34 924365168 | E-mail: . Designated a Cultural Property, the Roman thermal baths and bath house are truly gems. One might say that Alange is an outdoor spa, replete with su…